Who would have thought that maybe one of the best apple product features of the last year might be the hand washing detection in watchOS 7. — I didn’t.

I was somehow impressed at the time that this kind of water sound and motion detection was possible but i never expected that this would change my hand hygiene so much.

So what is that feature actually: The Apple Watch detects sound of running water and the hand motion one typically makes while washing hands. Once the watch is sure about the user washing hands, it starts a timer down from 20 seconds. When the timer is done the watch taps the users wrist and shows success message.

This doesn’t sound like much I know, but it changed my hand washing game completely. Before I was always washing hands for a few seconds or more and never was really sure about what I was doing or if was doing it right. Since most “dirt” is invisible you cannot actually see that your hands are clean, unless you have really visible dirty hands because you have changed the tires on your car or something like that.

Now I put soap on my hands and scrub until the (timer) of the watch says I’m done. Then I rinse. I know my hands are really clean now, because for the first time in my life I need to use moisturizer for them or otherwise they get super dry.

Having dry hand is not great either, but better dry hands than dirty ones.